Family and Custody Issues

Allegations such as lack of parental fitness or intentional infliction of emotional harm disputes sometimes arise in divorce and custody issues. Resolution of such charges may be helped by a forensic psychiatric examination.


Book Chapter: Bursztajn HJ, Boersma, RB. Forensic and Therapeutic Issues in Stepparent Adoptions, A Psychoanalytic Perspective. In: Cath S, Shopper M, eds. Stepparenting. The Analytic Press, Inc. Hillsdale, NJ, 2001; 242-255.

LEGAL RESOURCES: The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) is a fifteen-member body established by Chapter 211D of the Massachusetts General Laws to oversee the provision of legal representation to indigent persons in the Commonwealth. For more information, see the CPCS Mental Health Litigation Home Page.

Dr. Bursztajn has an active patient care practice and consults to physicians, institutions, judges, and plaintiff and defense counsel nationally.