Emotional & Physical Damages

Forensic psychiatrists evaluate the validity of psychological and emotional damages by way of providing data for the finder of fact as to causation and damages across the spectrum of civil litigation ranging from negligence to employment related issues.

Conscious Pain and Suffering

Dr. Bursztajn has more than thirty years of experience as a practicing clinical and forensic neuropsychiatrist with a special interest in the interface between medicine and psychiatry, pain and suffering during coma and the dying process, and the forensic neuropsychiatric autopsy.

Claims of conscious pain and suffering may be difficult to support. The task of the forensic psychiatrist in such cases is to reconstruct the state of mind along scientifically acceptable principles. The following cases demonstrate the forensic psychiatric evaluation of conscious pain and suffering.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The courts recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a type of damages. The cause and effects of PTSD must be distinguished from causes and effects of other symptoms or conditions. Therefore, the presence of PTSD can be verified or disclaimed only by a trained evaluator. The following cases used forensic psychiatric testimony to support or refute claims of PTSD related injury.

Dr. Bursztajn's pro bono work dealing with PTSD
Historical Context:

Grief & Mourning


Neuropsychiatric Autopsy

Dr. Bursztajn has an active patient care practice and consults to physicians, institutions, judges, and plaintiff and defense counsel nationally.