UNESCOWe are pleased to announce the publication of The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Industry Influence in Medicine [pdf]. This landmark international collaboration published by the UNESCO Bioethics Chair provides a series of case descriptions and analyses which form a foundation for the emerging field of pharmaceutical industry ethics. It is a resource for guidance for pharmaceutical, clinical and legal professionals at all levels of experience. It will also serve as a case workbook for teachers and students of pharmaceutical, professional, clinical and business ethics.

The book was published under the overall editorship of Prof. Amnon Carmi, UNESCO Ethics Chair and Director of The International Center For Health Law and Ethics at the University of Haifa. This book is authored by Omar Sultan Haque (Harvard Medical School), Julian De Freitas (Yale University), Harold Bursztajn (Massachusetts Mental Health Center and the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School), Lisa Cosgrove (University of Massachusetts), Abilash A. Gopal (UCSF), Robindra Paul, Itay Shuv-Ami (Tel Aviv University), and Samuel Wolfman.

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