Dr. David Weiskopf

Dr. David Weiskopf was born in 1899 in Lodz, Poland. He graduated from Medical School in Warsaw in 1925, specializing in Radiology and Gastrology. During the war he worked in the Hospital in the ghetto and formed an underground group trying to make contacts with the Polish resistance. Daniel had a radio and he knew well the fate of the Jews after liquidation of the ghetto. He hid with his family in a bunker waiting for the liberation by the Russians. The hiding place was discovered by the German Commandant, Hans Biebow. Daniel, a man of great physical strength, wounded Biebow with a brick, but was gunned down by him.

In the five years history of Lodz-Ghetto it was the first and last act of physical resistance against the hangman of the ghetto. Daniel told Biebow before he died: " Murderer, your hands are bloody and your days are numbered." Daniel's act of heroism changed the minds and hearts of eight hundred Jews left to clean the ghetto. And the beastly Biebow had the pretaste of his own infamous death.