United States of America
Jane Doe

United States District Court
District Court of Massachusetts

Criminal Action - Judge Trial Demanded
No. 03-10032-JLT

United States Attorney: Michael J. Sullivan
Assistant US Attorney: Mark J. Balthazard
Boston, MA

Defendant Attorney: Martin K. Leppo
Leppo & Leppo
15 South Main St.
Randolph, MA 02368

Defendent Expert Witness: Harold J. Bursztajn, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor, co-Founder
Program in Psychiatry & the Law
96 Larchwood Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138

Case Description:
Tax Evasion

Departing downward from the applicable guideline sentencing range of 15-21 months to a sentence of 2 years probation with the first 6 months to be served in home confinement. The Courts stated ground for departure was a finding that defendant suffered from diminished capacity.

Dr. Harold Bursztajn testified that defendant suffered from diminished capacity and complex PTSD (vs. simple PTSD) which often presents itself in compulsive self-destructive behavior.