Biographical Dictionary of Jews of Lodz as well as those with Lodz Connections

Marek Szukalak

Daniel Weiskopf

WAJSKOPF Daniel (1899–1944), radiologist. Born 26 April 1899 in Radomsko as son of Szlama and Ruchla née Dykierman. He began the study of medicine in Warsaw, then interrupted for two years, joining the Pilsudki Legionnaires.

After finishing his medical studies (1925), he practiced in Lodz. His wife was Pauline (Perla) née Lewi (1901–44), specialist in internal medicine and gynecology, member of the Chamber of Physicians. Before the outbreak of World War II, they lived at 101 Piotrkowska Street.

In February 1944 he joined a group of several individuals intending to organize armed resistance of the ghetto inhabitants.

He was shot to death on 6 November 1944 by Hans Biebow [German administrative chief of Lodz Ghetto], while defending the hiding-place in which he was staying together with his family. Daniel was buried in the cemetery on Bracka Street (Left side, Section A). Next to him lies his brother Bernard.

Daniel Weiskopf grave
(Daniel Weiskopf, Doctor of Medicine, born 26 April 1899, murdered by the Nazis in 1944 - A salute to his memory)

Living together with him in the ghetto were his mother Ruchla (1879–6 October 1943) as well as his sister Regina (born 23 April 1910). His brother Bernard (21 August 1905–24 August 1945), a lawyer, who was also in the Lodz Ghetto, became, after liberation, the first president of the Jewish community in Lodz.